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Welcome To My Beast Website

This website is going to be about ZOMBIEZ!!!

One day zombiez are gonna try to take over the planet, its bound to happen. Zombiez are superior to humans in many different ways.

Zombiez are basicly humans coming back to life to enialate everything.

But more scary looking.

So when and if a zombie apocalypse happens we need to be prepared.

Guns are your best options for a zombie apocalypse beacuse the gun goes skkkrrrrraaa pop pop pop to thier heads.

You will need a lot of ammo for the apocalypes because you will die if u dont. lol

Of course there are a lot of movies and shows about zombies and they show how they fight them

But it doesn't show every way.

Everyone knows that in order to kill a zombie, you need to bash its head for it to die. If you bash theire body then they wont die.

Sometimes you would want to save ammo so you would kill zombiez with your melee weapons.